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5 Soft skills for SEO

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a way of attracting more visibility to your website. To be able to provide good SEO and see the results that you want, you need some skills, both hard and soft. While hard skills are developed through training, courses and practice, soft skills are easier overlooked, as they are usually found within one’s personality. After studying more websites, like MoZ Blog, Search Engine Journal and Bruce Clay Blog, I made my own list, with 5 of the most important soft skills for SEO: communication, social skills/empathy/time management/prioritization/critical thinking.


Day-to-day activities are revolving around this important skill, meaning that both verbal and non-verbal communication should be clear and concise. This skill is important when talking to colleagues, potential leads or even existing customers. Communication is indeed the cornerstone of human relationships!

Social skills/Empathy

As communication, empathy is a key element in building strong relationships with people. Social skills will ultimately benefit the business.

Time management

Juggling many activities and projects throughout the day can sometimes make it impossible to meet deadlines. Therefore, it is important to know how to manage your schedule in order to succeed. An idea to have good time management is to create a journal or a To-Do list


Easily associated with time management, this skill is vital when working within SEO, as it allows you to offer the attention needed in different matters. This way, all the tasks will be completed, in an organized and orderly manner.

Critical thinking

It is very important for a person within the SEO business to be objective and non-biased. This skill allows you to identify problems, analyse them through your own filter and ask yourself 3 main questions: What happened – Why “what happened” happened – What we should do about it. This way, success is guaranteed.


Communication, critical thinking, empathy, time management and prioritization are 5 of the most important soft skills for SEO!

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