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Google Autocomplete

What is Google Autocomplete?

Google Autocomplete or Google Suggestions is a tool that helps people complete their queries. It suggests a lot of possible continuations for what is typed. Also, as Google mentioned, it reduces typing time by 25%!

Initially, Google used to generate predictions of what you were typing. Nowadays, as it’s getting more intelligent, it can even give you suggestions of alternative terms (e.g., ‘bus arriving times’ can lead to ‘bus schedule’ or even ‘bus drivers strike’). Either way, it changes while you type, giving you instant results!

Moreover, it gives you suggestions based on your location. For example, if you type `best restaurants in’, the results will be restaurants located in cities or towns around you. This will adjust every time you change the location. This means that it is amazing for local SEO.

How to use Google Autocomplete for SEO?

Google Autocomplete was indeed one of the first tools to be used in SEO. In order to use Google Autocomplete for SEO, just type in the keyword that you are planning on targeting and see all the predictions offered by Google. This is an amazing way to find long-tailed keywords that work better for certain niches.

Another idea is to use it as a tool for the FAQ section of your website, or even for your blog. For example, if you type ‘what is the most’, results will show ‘dangerous animal in the world’, ‘spoken language in the world’, ‘expensive car in the world’ etc.


According to Moz Blog, ‘Google Autocomplete should be an SEO priority’. As they concluded, it is a very good (and free) tool for keyword research and can also influence the journey of the targeted audience.

We would advise you to try it and if you plan to give it a go, a very good tip would be: disable your search history, so you can have clearer results!

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